ESL TextbooksEnglish is a requirement for New Citizens!

All immigrants who hope to become citizens are required to speak, read and write very basic English in order to pass the Interview/ English Test/ Civics test.

Exemptions are given to the following  people:

Rule 50/20 – 50 years old  and 20 years of green card holder

Rule 55/15 – 55 years old and 15 years of green card holder

All immigrants are required to take the Civics Test

Lowell Naturalization and Citizenship Services offers Basic and Intermediary English Classes tailored to your needs. These are private classes, one one one, or two maximum. Call 978-982-9790 or write us using our Contact Us form on this page for more information.


2- Difficult days ahead for ESL System. Check the article below. If you plan to enroll in ESL classes, better do it soon. Funding ESL for New Americans is getting harder and harder.